After you create and prepare your shipments, you will need to get them to a Chit Chats for processing. There are three easy options for getting shipments to us:

  1. Drop off
  2. Schedule a pickup
  3. Mail-in 

To help you select the best option based on your needs, find a brief description of each below.

Drop off

If you are located near a Chit Chats location, dropping off shipments in person is one of the quickest ways to get your shipments to us.


Chit Chats branches are fully owned and operated by Chit Chats with friendly client service representatives available on site to assist with shipments or answer any questions. Shipping supplies are also available however, inventory and availability may vary by location. Learn how to order supplies.

Drop Spots

Chit Chats drop spot locations are operated by trusted third party vendors. Unlike branches, drop spots do not offer additional services and accept only pre-labelled, batched and consolidated shipments. There may be additional requirements or convenience access fees when visiting a drop spot.


If you are a bit further away from a Chit Chats location or have a different workflow, you may want to schedule a pickup for your shipments.

Courier pickups

Our courier pickups are an easy way to arrange for your shipments to get to a branch without ever leaving your location. Our trusted partnership makes it easy to schedule a courier pickup directly from your Chit Chats account. Alternatively, you may choose to coordinate your own pickups with a third party of your choice.

Chit Chats pickups

For select regions in our service area, clients may qualify for pickups managed by Chit Chats. At this time we are not adding new pickups to our current routes. 


Mailing in shipments can save you time and money when compared with national carriers. If you are located outside of our service areas, you have the option to send your consolidated shipments directly to one of our hub locations by coordinating your own mail-ins with a third party of your choice.

New Location Requests

We are always looking to bring our services to more Canadians. If you would like to see a Chit Chats location in your city, please let us know with the following:

  • Your name and postal code 
  • Your email
  • The number of shipments you send per month
  • The city you would like Chit Chats to come to

If you have a Chit Chats account, subscribe to our mailing listing for updates on new locations and features.