Need to drop off your shipments but can’t get to a branch? A Chit Chats drop spot may be the perfect solution for you. 

Drop spots work differently than our branches. They are hosted by trusted third party vendors however, not all the same services will be available. When using a drop spot, take note that:

  • Only pre-labelled packages will be accepted.
  • Shipments must be batched and consolidated before you drop off.
  • There may be cut-off times for certain drop spots; shipments brought prior to this deadline will be processed within one business day.
  • Convenience access fees may apply (with applicable tax).
  • Pickup services are not available, i.e. pick up of held or returned shipments.

Interested? Find a drop spot near you on our locations page.

If you can’t make it to a Chit Chats drop spot or a branch, you still have options to get your shipments to us like scheduling a third party courier pickup.

Differences in Drop Spot locations:

RegionDrop Spot LocationsConvenience Access FeesProcessing TimesNotes
AlbertaN/ANext business day

Drop spot package acceptance hours may differ from the vendor’s operating hours.

N/ANext business day
Atlantic Canada
  • Various drop spots in the Halifax regional municipality
  • Maritime Bus drop spots across the Atlantic region
Maritime Bus fees if applicable

Within one **operating day prior to cut-off time, up to 2 **operating days if after

Maritime Bus users must create an account with them 

  • Coming soon

British ColumbiaN/ANext business day

Drop spot package acceptance hours may differ from the vendor’s operating hours.

N/AWithin one business day prior to cut-off time, up to two business days if after

Within one business day prior to cut off time, next pickup day if after (Tue, Fri)

Submit a request for access to Niagara Coin & Collectibles*

N/ANext business day

Drop spot package acceptance hours may differ from the vendor’s operating hours.

Quebec$3.00 + tax for each bag or box dropped offWithin one business day prior to cut-off time, up to two business days if after

*(Niagara only) Request access to a drop spot by signing into your Chit Chats account and visiting our locations page. Click on the drop spot you are interested in and then click on Request Drop Spot Access.

 **The Atlantic regional hub processes shipments Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Cut-off & Processing Times

You can drop off your prepared and labelled shipments any time during business hours. However, some drop spots may have cut-off times for processing shipments the same day. 

  • Shipments received before the cut-off time are sent to the Chit Chats hubin your region to be processed within one business day.
    • Shipments received at our Niagara drop spot are processed at our Ontario hub twice weekly.
  • Shipments received after the cut-off time or on weekends will require one additional business day for processing. 

To check the cut-off times for a particular drop spot, click 'View details and directions' on the locations page.

There may be times when processing is delayed due to unexpected circumstances beyond our control (i.e. compliance concerns such as prohibited or hazardous items, customs delays, inclement weather, value discrepancies, operational challenges, etc.).

Using our drop spots

To use one of our drop spot locations you must:

Before you arrive

  1. Create and purchase postage for your shipments in your Chit Chats account. 
  2. Package your shipments well before you consolidate and batch them. 
It is strongly recommended that you batch your shipments as it is used for Chit Chats verification purposes; however, you will not be denied from using drop spots if you do not use a batch. 

        3. Attach the batch label to the outer packaging of your consolidated shipments. 

        4. Find and write down your client ID.

Important: If you have more than one shipment, consolidate your shipments by combining them into a bigger secure container like a box or bag. 

*If consolidation is not possible due to oversized parcels, each shipment must clearly bear a postage label.

*If your packages cannot all fit into one box or bag due to the number of shipments, you may consolidate them into multiple containers. It's recommended that you create a batch for each container of shipments. However, you can use the same batch label for each if you indicate the number of pieces in the batch name. For example: "June 23rd batch 3 boxes."

Arriving at the drop spot

  1. Present your labelled shipment(s) to the drop spot. 
  2. If you have a batch label ensure that it is easily visible and on the outside of the consolidated container (i.e. secure box or bag). The batch label should be flat so the bar code can be easily scanned. 
  3. Drop spot staff on site will receive your shipments and scan your batch label. This lets us know that you've dropped off shipments at a drop spot partner that are awaiting pickup by Chit Chats.
    • NOTE: This is a preliminary scan and your shipments will be processed further once received at a Chit Chats hub. 
Shipments received at Niagara Coin & Collectibles, UPS Store #344, and Atlantic Canada Drop Spots will receive their first scan once collected by Chit Chats and must be consolidated into a batch with a batch label.

Some of our drop spot partners may request your Chit Chats Client ID. 

If convenience access fees apply for your drop spot, your account credits will reflect the charge within one to three business days.

Still have questions about our drop spots? Contact our support team or find more detailed information in our library.