Timelines for Returns by Region

We are unable to provide timelines for when your return shipment might arrive at one of our facilities as this is a process exclusively handled by our partner carriers. We encourage you to follow the carrier tracking to know when your shipment arrives at our facility. 

Once we've received your return shipment, you will be able to track the status from your account. Timelines for returns are estimated from the time we receive your shipment from the carrier and include time for sorting and processing.

For U.S. returns, this also includes Canadian customs clearance, which is dependent on the approval of your Power of Attorney document and CARM registration. When a return shipment arrives at our U.S. warehouse and there isn't an approved POA linked to your account, you'll have 15 business days to submit a POA form, or your return shipment will be disposed of. Upon submission of your POA within the 15-day grace period, we'll hold the shipment until your POA is approved and you've confirmed registration for CARM with CBSA. However, you have the option to opt out of receiving U.S. returns and returns in general, as well as using your own U.S. return address.  

RegionUS ReturnsCanadian Returns
Atlantic2-3 weeks*2-3 weeks 
Alberta3-4 weeks
British Columbia4-5 weeks
Ontario2-3 weeks
Quebec4-5 weeks

*Please allow for additional shipping time as all shipments will be mailed back to the sender.

Why returns take more time

Reverse logistics (the process of returning shipments) is often complicated and relies on multiple carriers and their networks to make happen. Although a smaller number of shipments are involved, most carriers will prioritize their outbound shipments over returned shipments. This results in varied timelines for returns that are much longer than outbound shipments. 

The time it takes to have a return sent back to you can vary due to:

  • The service used
  • The destination country
  • The return method you have selected


There is no return service available for Chit Chats International Tracked shipments.

Our partner carriers handle your return from the original destination to delivery to one of our facilities. As we do not have control over this process, it can be difficult to provide a timeline for when we will receive your return. Shipments are not always returned with the original service or carrier they were sent with and this can impact transit times. This can also result in additional or return postage due upon receiving the return.

All return shipments must be able to be associated with a Chit Chats account (either with client ID or client account name). If a return is unidentifiable or cannot be associated with an account, it will be disposed of or rejected.


International returns will have to clear the customs of individual transit countries which can result in unexpected customs delays. It can take between a few weeks to a few months for the return shipment to be delivered to our facility from overseas. Once we receive the return shipment we will process according to the timelines in the above table.


Your preferred return method can impact how long it will take to get your returns to you after we process them. 

We hold shipments for pickup at your selected branch for 15 business days and we will dispose of any shipments that are not claimed within this time. Your account will still be charged for the return shipments.

If your returns are mailed back to you, please allow additional time for our carrier partner to deliver your return shipments. Their status will display "Delivered" once in transit with our partner carrier. Find the tracking number and shipment IDs for the consolidated return shipments sent back to you in your transaction details

Note: If you have more than one return they will be consolidated (combined together) rather than sending them back separately. 

Please be aware that additional costs can occur with this option if your mailed back return is unsuccessful. Should your return fail due to an incorrect address or it is reported as "unclaimed" you will be responsible for the postage to have it sent back to the Chit Chats warehouse. At this point, you will need to contact our client support to decide how you'd like to collect the bounced back return. You can either update the return address in your account or arrange for the package to be sent to your local branch for pick up. If you choose to have the package resent, an additional postage fee will apply. Please be advised that reshipping bounced back returns can add an additional 2-3 weeks to the processing time.