Chit Chats works closely with various partner carriers to deliver your shipments. Shipments are received at Chit Chats then handed off to our partner carriers who do the final delivery to you. The carriers we work with are:

Find the partner carrier for your shipment by visiting the tracking page and checking under the "Partner Carrier" heading. Find carrier contact details on our contact page.

Most carriers like USPS will provide tracking for the majority of their services. If the postage used to send your shipment is eligible for carrier tracking, you can track your shipment using the carrier tracking number directly on the carrier's website.

For example, Canada Tracked shipments can also be tracked by searching the carrier tracking number on the Canada Post tracking page.

How to track shipments

All tracking updates are available on the Chit Chats tracking portal however, you can also view tracking updates straight from the carrier's website (if available). 

  1. Enter the carrier tracking number into the carrier's website or 
  2. Click the link from the Chit Chats tracking portal. 

Note: Timestamps for carrier tracking events may differ from the timestamps on the Chit Chats tracking portal as carrier tracking events are not always displayed in your time zone.

Depending on the service, carrier tracking may be either full or partial. 

Full Carrier Tracking

Once we hand off your shipment to the carrier they will process and induct the shipment into their system. Tracking updates will be available after the shipment is inducted with the carrier. The carrier will update the tracking as they process the shipment at various processing and sorting facilities within their network until they confirm final delivery. Depending on the destination, you may see gaps between these updates.

Partial Carrier Tracking

Tracking updates will be available after we hand off your shipment to the partner carrier and they have processed and inducted your shipment. However, the tracking will not receive a final delivery confirmation.

The delivery of the shipment will be assumed after the expected delivery date has passed. Depending on the carrier, service and destination, further tracking updates may be available to you.