We understand your concern over the possibility that your shipment may be lost. While it is a rare occurrence, it can happen from time to time. 

We know how this can impact your business and our team is committed to providing you with support.

If you think that a shipment may be lost, please follow these three steps:

  1. Check for current delays 
  2. Open an investigation
  3. File a claim

Shipping Delays

We try our best to provide you with the most accurate delivery estimates for all of our services. And when there are issues with transportation, delivery or reported delays, you can expect  updates from us or on the tracking page. 

If you are concerned about a shipment’s progress, check your tracking for the latest information and be sure to reference the active service delays for any possible disruptions.

Sometimes shipments are marked as lost by the carrier. This can be indicated in the tracking timeline. If a shipment is marked as lost, the tracking status will show an exception. If you do not see the 'lost' status and there is no recent update on the tracking, continue to the next steps below.

Get to know more about tracking and the different shipment status updates.


If your shipment is beyond the estimated delivery time and there are no active delays, you may open an investigation with our support team. Please be sure to provide the following details with your inquiry so that our team can promptly investigate the shipment:

  • Shipment ID
  • Which location you dropped off or sent your shipment to
  • Details on your shipment’s packaging, e.g. colours, markings

Investigations include contacting carriers, location sweeps and interviews with postal carriers and the more details we have, the better. It can take several business days to carry out an internal investigation and longer for external investigations with our partners. Rest assured our team will always keep you informed of any updates.

To open an investigation directly with one of our delivery partners, visit our contact page for details on how to get in touch with our partners.


If your shipment is marked lost or it was not located after the full investigation, your next step is to file an insurance claim. 

We highly recommend adding Chit Chats Insurance, our low-cost option to your eligible shipments.

Chit Chats InsuranceNo Chit Chats Insurance
  • Check if your shipment has additional insurance from our delivery partners
  • File a claim directly with our partner or through our form

Found Shipments

If your shipment is found after submitting a claim, there’s no need to worry. The updated tracking events may void your claim but this will not impact your shipment’s transit. In most cases, your shipment will continue on its journey to your customer but in some cases it may be returned to you.