If you are having trouble getting your shipments to import, please see our troubleshooting for imports from connected stores or the Chit Chats CSV.

Here are some of the most common reasons why you may be unable to buy postage or pay for your Chit Chats shipment. 

Shipment Incomplete

If your shipment is missing any important details, before you can pay for your shipment you will need to edit your shipment to update this information. If you are importing multiple shipments you can update the details all at once by using our bulk editing or preset tools.

Postage Rate Expired

You may be prevented from paying for your shipment if the postage rate has expired. This typically happens when you are trying to pay for a shipment that was created some time ago.

Not Enough Credits

In order to buy postage on the Chit Chats platform, you must have enough available credit to cover your unpaid fees. If you don’t have enough credits to pay for your shipments, add credits to your account with a payment method or set up an auto reload so you don’t have to worry about running out of credits.

No Rates Errors

In some cases you may not see your preferred postage type (e.g. Canadian shipping) or an error occurs when you click on ‘Pay for Shipments’. This may be caused by a few different reasons:

Incompatible Shipment Details

Some shipment details may limit the postage types available to you. For example, Chit Chats Insurance is not available for shipments marked as gifts. Check that you are using compatible package and postage type combinations for your shipments. Additionally, shipment descriptions must be a minimum of 3 characters in length and provided in English. Providing a second language is optional. This is because English is the designated language for our international shipping partners which also include any U.S. bound shipments. 

Invalid Weight or Dimensions

You may not be able to buy the postage type that you want because you have not entered the weight or dimensions of your shipment or they are either too small or too large for your desired service. For example, you may receive an error message for Chit Chats Canada Tracked shipments weighing less than the service minimum of 100 g, in which case you will need to round your shipment's weight up to 100 g. If you receive limited or no postage rates for your shipment, be sure to check that your shipment is within the weight and dimensional limits for your postage type.

Invalid Address Information

It is your responsibility to verify that you are using the correct address information for your shipment. Our address suggestion tools may catch some, but not all errors and this can cause issues when purchasing postage. Additionally, incorrect addresses may be automatically overwritten by the postage provider even if you have selected a suggested address. We recommend you double-check your postage labels after printing your postage to verify the address.

Make sure that neither the recipient address nor the return address contain invalid characters. Only Latin characters should be used. Sometimes copying and pasting addresses can carry over invalid space characters without your knowledge. Typing in the address information usually corrects the issue.

You should also be mindful of address field character limits when you have long addresses. 

Service Unavailable

We do our best to inform our clients of all known service interruptions with updates to our status site. However, from time to time, a partner carrier may have to suspend service to a particular country or a postage option may be unavailable. Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter for all the latest updates

If you are still having trouble with paying for your shipment, please contact us with your shipment ID and client ID.