Timelines for Returns by Region

Timelines for returns are estimated from the time we receive your shipment. This includes sorting and processing.

For U.S. and international returns, this also includes Canadian customs clearance, dependent on the approval of your returns account.

RegionUS & International ReturnsCanadian Returns
Atlantic3-4 weeks2-3 weeks 
Alberta5-6 weeks
British Columbia2-3 weeks
Ontario2-3 weeks
Quebec3-4 weeks

Why returns take more time

Reverse logistics (the process of returning shipments) is often complicated and relies on multiple carriers and their networks to make happen. Although a smaller number of shipments are involved, most carriers will prioritize their outbound shipments over returned shipments. This results in varied timelines for returns that are much longer than outbound shipments. 

The time it takes to have a return sent back to you can vary due to:

  • The service used
  • The destination country
  • The return method you have selected


Shipments are not always returned with the same carrier or service they were originally sent with and this can impact transit times. This can also result in additional or return postage upon receiving the return.

All returned shipments must be able to be associated with a Chit Chats account (either with client ID or client account name). If a return is unidentifiable or cannot be associated with an account, it will be disposed of or rejected.


International returns will have to clear the customs of individual transit countries which can result in unexpected customs delays.


Returns will be processed based on which returns method you select in your returns settings. This can impact how long it will take to get your returns to you after they are received at a Chit Chats hub. Please note that shipments are held for pickup at your selected branch for 30 business days. We will dispose of any shipments that are not claimed within this time. Your account will still be charged for the return.