The pandemic has caused unprecedented delays with shipping and our partner carriers are experiencing significant delays in transit times. Due to limited transportation availability and increased safety measures most carriers have removed any service guarantees. Delivery times are always estimated and never guaranteed. We strongly suggest advising your customers of these delays accordingly.

If you have reason to believe that your shipment is lost, your first step should be to get in touch with our Client Success team.

If you would like to connect with the carrier of your shipment, contact information for our partner carriers can be found below.


USPS’ customer support also has an online form to complete for your inquiry. If you require more information to complete this from, just ask our CS team for help.

Canada Post

Canada Post also offers an online contact form for your questions. Begin by selecting your issue under the Contact Us > Online heading at the bottom of the page. 

Is my shipment lost?

Unfortunately, if both we and our partner carriers are unable to locate your shipment, it may be considered lost. If the waiting period has passed, you may be encouraged to file a claim for Chit Chats Insurance if your shipment is eligible. If Chit Chats Insurance was not purchased, you may need to file a claim directly with the carrier. For example, USPS Priority Mail postage includes carrier insurance of up to $100 once your shipment has been inducted with them. 

What happens if my shipment is found?

If your shipment is located, you may begin to see tracking updates once again. In most cases the carrier will attempt to complete the delivery of your shipment, however sometimes it may be returned instead. How your shipment is returned will be determined by the preferences outlined in your settings. Learn how to update your preferences here

If you have filed an insurance claim for this shipment, the claim will not be approved. However, the delivery or return of your shipment will not be impacted.