New to Chit Chats? Our mission is to help Canadian entrepreneurs live their dreams. Discover your potential in the U.S. and international marketplace with our shipping solutions that help you save money. We also offer innovative postage types for Canadian shipments so you can score here on home soil! Find low-cost and fully tracked postage options in one place and no monthly fees. 

Before you start your onboarding with Chit Chats be sure to check out the helpful resources linked below or watch our tutorials on some of the basics to help you get started. 

1. Create your Chit Chats account 

Signing up for an account is easy and free! To begin your onboarding we'll need to know a few details about your business including the number of shipments you plan to ship per week and the region you ship from. You will also be asked to verify your contact details including your  phone number, and email. To finalize your account details we ask all new users to review and sign our Shipment Compliance Declaration. Be sure to check out our list of prohibited items before you ship to make sure your store’s items can be shipped with us. 

2. Add a payment method

The Chit Chats platform runs on credits which can be used to buy postage and pay for other services available on our platform. Add a payment method to your account to add credits.

3. Buy your postage label

Here comes the fun part! You are now ready to create  your first shipment. You can do this by manually entering the details of your shipment to get postage rates or import multiple shipments by connecting your store, or uploading a CSV file. Find the best way to import your orders on the Chit Chats platform with instructions in these resources: 

Want protection and peace of mind for your packages? You have the choice of adding Chit Chats Insurance to all our fully tracked postage options.

After you’ve double checked your postage, you’re now ready to print the postage label.

4. Prepare your shipments

After you’ve purchased and printed your postage, you’ll need to prepare your shipments for drop off. Don’t forget to include invoices when needed! You’ll need to attach your postage to the corresponding packages and batch and consolidate your shipments to keep them organized.

5. Get your shipments to us

Whether you are near one of our locations or in an area with no Chit Chats, there is an option for getting your shipments to us. All shipments must be received and processed by Chit Chats before we hand off to our partner carriers.

Congratulations! We are now ready to receive your shipments.

Learn more about our partner carriers, our returns process and how to track your shipments or watch our tutorials for more help. To get in touch with our support team, please visit our contact page.