Chit Chats Collect is our most affordable postage option and ideal for businesses who want to offer quick and convenient local pickups for their Canadian customers. Available at 25 accessible pickup points across Canada, drop Chit Chats Collect shipments off at your favourite Chit Chats location and we’ll handle the rest! 

Fully tracked and designed with more savings and flexibility in mind, your customers can schedule a preferred day and time to pick up their shipments from a Chit Chats Locker or branch near them.

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Service Features

When you choose Chit Chats Collect for your shipments, your postage has you covered with the following features:

FeaturesFully TrackedDelivery in 1-8 Business DaysChit Chats Insurance AvailableReturn Service
Special FeaturesDelivery Confirmation

Check out our shipping calculator to get a quote for your shipment.


Before you get shipping, let’s find out if Chit Chats Collect is the best fit for your shipments.

First things first, Chit Chats Collect is a service designed with local shipment pickups in mind. That’s why this service is offered only for delivery addresses within 12 km of a Chit Chats Locker or branch. Does your customer prefer delivery to their door? Consider using Chit Chats Select or another one of our Canadian shipping options!

Chit Chats Collect is designed for shipments weighing up to 11 pounds. The maximum dimensions for this service are due to the size of Chit Chats Lockers.

  • Length x width x height must be within: 34 cm x 42 cm x 20 cm to be eligible for this service.

To keep shipments safe and moving smoothly, there are limitations on the types of items that you can send with this service. Please refer to our restrictions for more information.

Buying Postage

There are two ways to buy Chit Chats Collect for your shipments:

  1. “Create a Shipment” one at a time in your account
  2. Import multiple shipments via a connected store, the Chit Chats CSV or API

You’ll need to select a compatible package type to ensure you receive a postage rate. Chit Chats Collect Tracked is compatible with your shipments packaged in thick envelopes and parcels. Additionally, Collect will be listed as an available postage type only for delivery addresses within 12 km of a Chit Chats Locker or Chit Chats Branch.

Lastly, you’ll need to include contact details for your customer so we can notify them once their shipment is ready to collect. After clicking on the Chit Chats Collect postage option, we’ll ask you to enter either their phone number or email address  

1. Create a Shipment

Create your shipment as you would normally then select Chit Chats Collect from the Postage step. You’ll be prompted to enter either the customer’s phone number or email address. This is how we’ll notify your customer when their shipment is ready and they can reserve a pickup window. Then, from the drop down menu, select the location for your customer to pick up from. 

2. Shipment Import

Import from a connected store? Consider updating your shipping presets to help make quick updates to several shipments at once.

Shopify Plus users: Display live rates for Chit Chats Collect. Save time and give your customers options. Learn how to get set up.

We hope to bring this feature to other ecommerce platforms in the future. 

If you import your shipments with a CSV or API connection, use the following inputs for the importer:

  • package_type: thick_envelope, parcel
  • postage_type: chit_chats_collect
  • collect_type: branch or locker
    • This will select the branch or locker (depending on your selection) nearest the delivery address

You must also provide either one or both of the following fields so we can notify your customer when their shipment is ready for pickup:

  • customer_email: your customer’s email address
  • phone: your customer’s phone number

Having trouble? Read our troubleshooting tips.

Once you’re happy with the details for returns and insurance, you can select the shipments you want postage for and click on “Pay for Shipment”. Now you’re ready to print your postage labels! Be sure to apply them to your packages with some of our best practices for packaging, like ensuring your barcode is visible on a flat area of the package.

Sending Your Shipments

Once your shipments are ready to get to a Chit Chats, sort them together with any of our other Canadian postage types:

Batching is the way to go when you have a lot of shipments to send. Stay organized and receive simultaneous acceptance scans on your tracking when you use a batch label.

After our team receives and processes your shipments, you’ll want to share the tracking details with your customers. Learn how to track your shipments here.

We’ll notify your customer by SMS or email once they are able to schedule a pickup window at their nearest Chit Chats Locker or branch. 

Share this step-by-step guide on picking up Chit Chats Collect shipments with your customers so they know exactly what to expect.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I ship Chit Chats Collect?

Chit Chats Collect is a service for your customers to collect their shipments from Chit Chats on their schedule. Once you drop off a Collect shipment, we’ll get it ready for your customer to pick up from their nearest Chit Chats Locker or branch in Canada. As Chit Chats drop spots are owned and operated by third-party vendors, they do not operate as a pickup point for this service.

If you would prefer to send your shipment directly to your customer’s address, Chit Chats Select or another of our Canadian postage types would be an excellent option.

What is a Chit Chats Locker?

Chit Chats Lockers are secure access points for your customers to pick up their Collect shipments. Once a shipment is ready for your customer to collect, we will notify them by SMS or email to schedule a date and time for pick up. Chit Chats Lockers are available at select Chit Chats branches in British Columbia and Ontario.

Why is Chit Chats Collect not available for my shipment?

To ensure that your customers have a smooth experience when collecting their shipments, their address should be located within 12 km of a Chit Chats branch or Locker. Chit Chats Collect will not be an available postage option for recipient addresses outside of this range. We recommend that you take advantage of our Chit Chats Select or other Canadian postage options to deliver the shipment to your customer.

You may also have trouble seeing Chit Chats Collect as an option if your shipment is missing your customer’s phone number or email address. We require one of these contact methods so we can notify your customer once their shipment is ready for pickup.

Is signature confirmation available?

No, signature confirmation service is not available for Chit Chats Collect postage.

Can I refund unused postage?

Yes, if you change your mind or your customer cancels an order you can request a refund for the unused postage label. Your refund will be processed immediately.

If my customer is unable to collect their shipment, will it be returned to me?

Yes, return service is offered for Chit Chats Collect shipments. Your customer will have 7 business days to pick up their shipment. If  they need more time, they can request an extension from their pickup confirmation page. 

Once the pickup window has passed, we will process the shipment to be returned to you based on your preferences. Return processing fees apply.

If your customer would like to return their shipment after they’ve collected it, we will advise that they contact you directly to make arrangements for return postage to avoid incurring additional processing fees.

Find additional FAQ on picking up Chit Chats Collect shipments here.

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