We’ve partnered with the Postal Service to safely and reliably deliver Chit Chats U.S. Edge shipments to your customers. Tapping into USPS’s Ground Advantage network and using a variety of transportation methods, your shipments will arrive at your customer’s door quickly and at an affordable price.

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Service Features

By choosing Chit Chats U.S. Edge for your shipments, your postage has you covered with the following features:

FeaturesFully Tracked

Delivery in 3-6 Business Days*

Chit Chats Insurance AvailableReturn Service
Special FeaturesSignature ConfirmationCarrier Insurance U.S. Return AddressChit Chats Return Labels

Check out our shipping calculator to get a quote for your shipment.

*Estimated delivery days can vary and some exceptions apply. U.S. territories (i.e. Alaska, Hawaii) and APO/FPO military addresses can take longer depending on the transportation available.


Before you get shipping, let’s find out if Chit Chats U.S. Edge is the best fit for your shipments.

Chit Chats U.S. Edge is designed for shipments weighing up to 70 pounds. Please note the maximum dimensions for this service to avoid surcharges for oversized shipments.

  • Length + 2 x (Width + Height) less than 108 inches

To keep shipments safe and moving smoothly, there are limitations on the types of items that you can send with this service. Please refer to our partner carrier’s restrictions for more information.

Buying Postage

There are two ways to buy Chit Chats U.S. Edge postage for your shipments:

  1. “Create a Shipment” one at a time in your account
  2. Import multiple shipments via a connected store, the Chit Chats CSV or API

Thick envelopes and parcels are both compatible package types. You'll need to select one of these to receive a Chit Chats U.S. Edge postage rate. Dimensions are required for your shipments weighing more than one pound.

If you create shipments one at a time you'll select the package type under the Package step.

If you import shipments from your store, save time by updating your shipping presets. When you import your shipments with a CSV or API connection, use the following inputs:

Having trouble? Read our troubleshooting tips

Once you’re happy with the details for returns and insurance, you can select the shipments you want postage for and click on “Pay for Shipment”. Now you’re ready to print your postage labels! Be sure to apply them to your packages with some of our best practices for packaging, like ensuring your barcode is visible on a flat area of the package.

Sending Your Shipments

Once your shipments are ready to get to a Chit Chats, you’ll want to take a moment to get organized and sort them with your other U.S. shipments, apart from your Canadian and international shipments.

Batching is the way to go when you have a lot of shipments to send. Stay organized and receive simultaneous acceptance scans on your tracking when you use a batch label.

After our team receives and processes your shipments, you’ll want to share the tracking details with your customers. Learn how to track your shipments here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why can't I see Chit Chats U.S. Edge as an option for my U.S. shipment?

If you are having trouble seeing a U.S. Edge rate for your shipment, please double-check to make sure you've included accurate measurements for your packages and that they do not exceed the maximum weight or dimensions for this service. Shipments weighing less than 1 lb must include dimensions in order to receive a postage rate.

Which currency is my postage fees displayed in?

All of our low-cost U.S. postage is displayed in Canadian dollars (CAD).

Where can I ship with Chit Chats U.S. Edge?

You can ship to addresses in all 50 states including PO boxes and apartment addresses. Military addresses (i.e. APO, FPO, DPO) are also covered by Chit Chats U.S. Edge.

Is signature confirmation available?

Yes, signature confirmation is available for Chit Chats US Edge shipments, for cases where you want even more assurance for your shipments. 

Can I send letters with Chit Chats U.S. Edge?

This service is designed specifically for thick envelopes and parcels. If you select the letter or flat envelope package type you won’t see U.S. Edge in your postage options. We recommend giving the USPS First Class Mail and Oversized Letter services a try as they are ideal for U.S. letters and lightweight shipments.

Can I refund unused postage?

Yes, if you change your mind or your customer cancels an order you can request a refund for the unused postage label. It can take up to 20 business days for USPS to approve your refund request. Learn more.

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